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A Fish Named Dog – Christyne Morrell

Story: A Fish Named Dog Excerpt: "What do you want?” I muttered. Dog turned and swam back to his dinner. “It’s not fair,” I said, continuing to complain to Jane. “Everyone else has a dog.” Once again, the fish swam over from the other side of the tank, right up to the glass next to me. I gave him a puzzled look. Did he know his name was Dog? Was he coming to me when I called him?"​1​. Bigger Summary: The story revolves around a girl who receives a goldfish instead of a desired dog, and names the fish "Dog" as a sign of protest. Over time, she comes to appreciate the goldfish, especially when it responds to the name "Dog".

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Family Stories

In your Kid-to-Kid notebook, first make a list of some of the most important stories in your family--for each, note who usually tells the story, and the occasions when the…

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