Family Stories

In your Kid-to-Kid notebook, first make a list of some of the most important stories in your family–for each, note who usually tells the story, and the occasions when the story is told. These are the stories your family tells most often, the stories your family tells again and again at family gatherings, the stories your family tells to new friends as a way of describing what kind of people you are. Like this:


The stories may be humorous or serious, about things that happened long ago (family history) or just recently, primarily told for entertainment (such as embarrassing events or pranks) or accounts of important events (like how your parents met, or how your family has dealt with a big challenge). What family “character” does your family tell a lot of stories about? What stories do they tell about you?

By “occasion” I mean the times when stories are told–dinner time, bed time, visits with grandparents, family reunions, birthdays, holidays, etc.

Next, either:

  1. Write out word for word one or more of your favorite family stories, exactly how someone tells it in your family.
  2. Or, summarize (giving the main things that happen) a number of favorite family stories.

Plan on writing at least 2 pages–
including list, and either complete text(s) or a number of summaries!

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