Preschool Activities (3-5 Years)

Preschool Activities (3-5 Years)

a) Activity Calendars

  • Monthly Themes: Introduce monthly themes such as “Nature Exploration”, “Shapes and Colors”, “Animals Around Us”, etc.
  • Weekly Breakdown: Break down each theme into weekly activities that cover different aspects of the theme.
  • Daily Tasks: Assign specific tasks or activities for each day that align with the weekly focus. Include a mix of educational and fun activities to keep the learning engaging.

b) Early Child Development Kit

  • Activity Booklets: Create booklets with a variety of activities like coloring, tracing, matching, and simple puzzles.
  • Educational Toys: Include toys that promote motor skills, cognitive development, and sensory exploration.
  • Resource Guide: Provide a guide for parents and educators on how to use the kit for optimal child development.

c) Physical Activity

  • Outdoor Exploration: Encourage outdoor activities like nature walks, playground play, and simple sports.
  • Indoor Exercises: Design fun indoor exercises that promote movement, balance, and coordination.
  • Activity Cards: Create cards with illustrated exercises and games that kids can enjoy while learning.

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