Reading List 1st – 2nd Grade

MY PET FEET, BY JOSH FUNK, ILLUSTRATED BY BILLY YONG SIMON & SCHUSTER, 2022 – In this silly picture book, a litle girl discovers that her pet ferret is now her pet feet. Someone has taken all the r’s! Through clever wordplay, readers will follow along and hope that the missing leters are found. 

NOTHING SPECIAL, BY DESIREE COOPER & ILLUSTRATED BY BEC SLOANE WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2022 – A picture-book tribute to Black American families who travel south each summer to stay connected to family and history. The memorable illustraons were created enrely with recycled texles.  


HARPERCOLLINS, 2022 – In this beginning reader, Reina has a dilemma to solve. When their teacher announces that the class will be creang a “wax museum” for open house day, she and her best friend choose the same person to portray. Also available in Spanish. 

SIR LADYBUG, BY COREY R. TABOR BALZER + BRAY, 2022 – Sir Ladybug, along with his trusty friends, must rescue a caterpillar from a hungry chickadee in the first book in this sweet graphic novel series.  

A TASTE OF HONEY: KAMALA OUTSMARTS THE SEVEN THIEVES, BY REBECCA SHEIR, ILLUSTRATED BY CHAAYA PRABHAT STOREY PUBLISHING, 2022 – A retelling of a folktale from India and Pakistan in which a young woman learns to rely on herself to solve her problems. Includes a QR code to listen to a podcast of the story and other creative storytelling activities. 

TÍA FORTUNA’S NEW HOME: A JEWISH CUBAN JOURNEY, BY RUTH BEHAR, ILLUSTRATED BY DEVON HOLZWARTH KNOPF, 2022 – Estrella learns about her Cuban and Jewish heritage as her Tía Fortuna packs up and moves from her pink casita to an assisted living home.  


KIDS, 2022 – In this tongue-in-cheek guide to friendship, a hapless toad tries out all kinds of methods, from the innocuous to the bizarre, in his quest to make a connecon. Also available in Spanish.  

THE WORLD BELONGED TO US, BY JACQUELINE WOODSON, ILLUSTRATED BY LEO ESPINOSA NANCY PAULSEN BOOKS, 2022 – A group of children in Brooklyn experience endless possibilies on their block when summer arrives, and they are free to play together unl sundown.  

HOW TO CATCH A DINOSAUR, BY ADAM ELKERTON, 2019 – Do dinosaurs sll walk among us? Sure, no one has seen one, but if alligators, whales, and even birds sll exist, then dinosaurs must too, right? Join the daring How to Catch Kids as they try to wrangle a dinosaur in me for the school science fair and prove they’re sll around! Parents, young readers, dinosaur lovers, and educators alike will roar with laughter in this dinosaur picture book that blends STEAM concepts with hilarity and clever chaos. Do YOU have what it takes to pluck a prehistoric pal? 

CAN I BE YOUR DOG?, BY TROY CUMMINGS, 2022 – A heart-tugging dog adopon story told through leters-deeply sincere and almost desperate pleas for a forever home–from the dog, himself! This picture book shares the tale of Arfy, a homeless mut who lives in a box in an alley. Arfy writes to every person on Buternut Street about what a great pet he’d make. Great story! 


CIRCLE ROUND – This podcast retells folktales from around the world, exploring themes like friendship, generosity, and creavity, and always ends with an acvity. 

SEEK BY INATURALIST – Get outside, explore, and idenfy plants and animals around you with the Seek app. Parcipate in challenges and earn badges. 

SKYSCI FOR KIDS – Learn about climate- and weather-related science through games, arcles, and videos on this interacve website created for children ages five to ten. 

STORY PIRATES – Young people’s original stories are adapted into sketches by professional comedians and musicians, offering inspiraon for podcast listeners to create their own stories. 

* The recommendations are based on the students’ interests and reading levels in the last year and the suggestions of the American Library Association. 

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