The Thirsty Crow

One hot day, a thirsty crow flew all over the fields looking for
water. For a long time, she could not find any. She felt very weak,
almost giving up hope.
Suddenly, she saw a water jug below her. She flew straight down
to see if there was any water inside. Yes, she could see some water
inside the jug!
The crow tried to push her head into the jug. Sadly, she found
that the neck of the jug was too narrow. Then she tried to push
the jug down for the water to flow out. She found that the jug
was too heavy.
The crow thought hard for a while. Then looking around her, she
saw some pebbles. She suddenly had a good idea. She started
picking up the pebbles one by one, dropping each into the jug.
As more and more pebbles filled the jug, the water level kept
rising. Soon it was high enough for the crow to drink. Her plan had

Moral: If you try hard enough, you may soon find an answer to your problem.

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