Used Car Inspection in Metro Cities

Car Inspections are especially important for used cars. A used Car that has suffered damage through poor driving, hard use or been subject to an accident – is not as valuable as a Car that has been lightly used, well maintained and never been subject to any accidents.

Used car buyers are often warned to obtain a complete inspection before purchase to minimize the risk that the used Car has hidden defects or damages.

In the past, inspections were generally performed manually using pre-printed forms. The more modern is a web upload version to upload the status  memory checklist which inspectors follow, and then go back to a computer at the end of the day to upload the pictures and the web form “Inspection Web Form”. It’s quite likely that the inspector has performed numerous inspections for the day. At upload time his ability to jog his memory might be faded by the passage of time. It’s quite likely at such time that they have forgotten or missed to capture some key details.

We at have pioneered the Science of Car Inspection and use a live guided mobile Inspection system using a comprehensive checklist to document the Car condition but it also connects historical databases to determine car history and also the Vehicle On Board Diagnostics (OBD) of the Car.

The wealth of information from the OBD that extracts is truly breathtaking – it’s like doing an MRI on a car while driving it. It allows for our state-of-the art Machine Learning system to understand the Car from the on On-Board Diagnostics.

Vehicle Inspections in Key Metro Cities:

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